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Healthy Nails Programme

Do you dream of long, healthy looking nails?  Do you currently bite or pick your nails?  If so, come on my Healthy Nails Programme and let me help you reach your dream of gorgeous nails.

Once a week for six weeks I will pamper your nails with a Shellac manicure.  You choose the colour you would like each week, and watch as your nails grow long, and your cuticles look in tip top condition.

I want you to succeed in your mission for healthy nails, so I will give you a bottle of CND Solar Oil, which I will keep topped up for the duration of the programme.

​As your nails grow over the weeks, you can spread the last few appointments out to 10 days or 2 weeks - giving you even more value for money.

This programme really does work - the combination of weekly manicures, weekly colour change and copious amounts of CND Solar Oil results in beautiful well maintained healthy nails.  The photos to the right and below are of two ladies on the first and sixth week of the programme - bare nails before and after, and polished before and after.​​


The usual price of my Shellac Manicure is £30.00 (or £180.00 for six sessions)  I am offering this special 6 week programme for the price of £150.00 - which works out at just £25.00 a session.



Healthy Nail Programme                                                                                    £150.00

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